If any of these symptoms seem familiar to you it’s important not to ignore the problem but to take action. It may even require a visit to your doctor.

Once other conditions have been ruled out, work on reducing the stress levels in your life and keep track of your progress.

Keep a short daily journal of what you’re doing to combat stress, how often and for how long, and also make note of your symptoms.

Are they improving the longer you practice stress relief techniques?

If so, by how much have they improved?

This can be as simple as using a scale of 1-10, with 1 meaning almost symptom-free and 10 meaning severe symptoms.

If you practice a combination of stress relief techniques, you should see a significant improvement in symptoms over time (give it at least a couple of months, some symptoms may take longer to disappear).

I’ll be giving you useful tips and tricks in this blog to help you deal with stress relief and symptom reduction, but remember always consult your doctor before undertaking any lifestyle changes and always get your symptoms checked by a health care provider first.

Be good to yourself and stress less!